Have you ever considered how different types of buildings, spaces or the built environment make you feel and why?

Well the answer may be found in PsychoGeography. Guy Debord described psychogeography as ‘The study of specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organised or not, on the emotions and behaviour of individuals” in the first issue of Situationniste Internationale (1958).

It is cliche, but its about how humans shape the environment and vice versa. And to some extent how humans shape each other. There is a lot of people watching that goes on in cities and since 60% of communication is body language there is a lot to be said for how much other people can make you feel comfortable/uncomfortable in a certain place. How many times have you returned to a place because ‘the vibe’ has been good or not returned because it has been bad?

PsychoGeography is an experiential study form and requires the practitioner to ethnographically partake in an experience of a city in a traditional or novel way, with the proviso of making notes of the experience. This note taking is important because a great of our Psychogeographical experiences are on a subconcious level.

Will Self used to pen articles on PsychoGeography for The Independent (sample) and famously walked from central london to heathrow airport, flew to LA and then walked from LAX to his hotel downtown and noted the experience.

So, lets see you note yours. And do share your experiences. Take ownership of your city…you dont just belong to this city. She also belongs to you!


More info on PsychoGeography


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